milachimholdingsltd.com offers a personal and proactive approach to investing, managing and growing your wealth. Over the years, we’ve found that investors consistently struggle to get the sort of investment returns they should.

We created a dedicated team of behavioural finance specialists to find out why, and to find out what we could do to improve our clients’ investment decision-making and returns. Our unique investment philosophy approach is the result of their research. Our pioneering approach uses behavioural finance – how emotions impact your investment decisions – to help improve your long-term returns.

Certified company

We're fully Regulated by the Switzerland Business Registry.

Our experience

milachimholdingsltd.com was Incorporated in 2013.

Our valuable partner

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Our clients benefit from the wisdom of our seasoned professionals, we are always looking to supplement their ranks with emerging talent.


Our portfolio management professionals are critical, independent thinkers who benefit from being part of a global, diverse investment organization.

Broad Scope

We are a passionate, independent investment firm united by our commitment to research-driven investment solutions and client service.

Risk Management

We have established a rigorous risk management framework that features dedicated investment and operational risk teams who work to protect client assets.

We're knowledgeable about making your benefits higher

The traditional approach to creating an investment portfolio focuses almost entirely on an investor’s attitude to risk and ignores the other emotional factors at work.

Our investment philosophy approach measures six different aspects of an investor’s personality that relate to their financial behaviour and decision-making. We believe this enables us to develop more effective individual investment solutions that reduce the negative impact on returns caused by investor emotions.